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seasonal affective disorder

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder or depressive disorder that usually affects people during the darker months. This is a form of depression that occurs every year at the same time; for most patients, it starts in fall,…

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light therapy

Why Won’t My Flashlight Work For Do-It-Yourself Light Therapy?

Bright light therapy refers to using exposure to artificial light to treat many issues such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, insomnia and more. The idea behind light therapy is that lack of sunlight is responsible for mood disorders and…

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winter blues symptoms

Signs You May Have The Winter Blues

Winter can be a joyous time for many people as it marks the beginning of the holidays, unfortunately, it also means chilly gray days that can trigger a case of “the winter blues” in some. If you live in one…

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light affect well being

How Does Light Affect Your Well-Being?

Most people don’t think much about light and how it affects their mood, but it is no coincidence that sunny weather seems to put people in a good mood. Multiple studies have shown that people who spend most of their…

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