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light therapy devices

Which Device is Best For Light Therapy?

Light therapy devices are becoming increasingly popular among people suffering from depressive disorders. We shine a light on what might be best for you.

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light therapy bipolar disorder

How Light Therapy Can Help With Bipolar Disorder

Studies have shown that light therapy can be effective for mental health issues. Light therapy for bipolar disorder is also effective. Here’s how.

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bright light therapy

Ditch The Caffeine: Here’s How Light Therapy Can Boost Your Energy

For most people, coffee is the common go-to boost energy. Modern bright light therapy can give you the same results, without jittery after-effects.

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light therapy

All The Pretty Colors: Which Color Light Matters For Light Therapy?

Not all bright lights are created the same. Our light experts are going to explain the benefits of different colored lights for successful light therapy.

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