Adjust Your Internal Clock

Use Bright Blue-Green Light to Give Yourself a Boost

Adjust Your Internal Clock Naturally

Are you battling your internal clock? Does your wake-sleep cycle get disrupted?

By the recent time change?

By pulling all-nighters in school?

Or your shift change work – rotating from days to nights and back?

Or by jet lag travel?

20-30 minutes of the right light spectrum can help!

Bright blue-to-green light shone into your eyes for 20-30 minutes will lower your brain melatonin and provide 3 to 5 hours of wakefulness.

And it can also be used to re-set your body’s clock, so you are awake at the right times and sleepy at the right times. 

Use the FeelBrightLight Jazz to help your body’s clock synchronize with your real-life schedule. On the go, in your dorm, heading into a night shift, or any time you need a quick boost… naturally and effectively.

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