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Feel Bright Light Jazz - On

Introducing the all-new New Feel Bright Light Jazz

The Feel Bright Light Jazz is the latest innovation from Physician Engineered Products. One of the world’s smallest light therapy devices, weighing only 2 ounces. The Jazz conveniently attaches underneath any hat with a visor and features aiming dials for…

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Get in Sync with Summer using the Feel Bright Light

Get In Sync With Summer

Your body’s circadian rhythm is a biological process that is meant to keep you in-sync with the natural 24-hour day. For many people, this circadian rhythm is not perfectly aligned with the 24-hour clock and they may suffer from sleep…

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Greensafe Light Therapy Technology

GreenSafe™ Technology

That happy, upbeat feeling you get on a warm summer day is no accident. Sunlight enters the eyes from above and triggers photosensitive ganglion cells, which help to regulate and synchronize the circadian rhythm. The Feel Bright Light mimics the…

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