That happy, upbeat feeling you get on a warm summer day is no accident. Sunlight enters the eyes from above and triggers photosensitive ganglion cells, which help to regulate and synchronize the circadian rhythm. The Feel Bright Light mimics the natural sunlight and encourages the body to release ‘active’ or ‘happy’ hormones that help synchronize the body’s circadian rhythm to the natural 24-hour clock.

The Feel Bright Light uses the safest, most effective technology on the market to provide effective light therapy treatment, this technology is called GreenSafe™ Technology. This unique form of technology utilizes wavelengths of light along the visible blue-green spectrum that falls between 470-560 nanometers, peaking at 525, and is completely UV free.


This specific wavelength of light provides patients with treatment that is fast, effective and safe. The Feel Bright Light stays within the maximally effective color zone and out of the risk zone that other blue-only light products may fall upon. There are concerns in the scientific community that light produced by the blue only spectrum may cause macular degeneration when used for extended periods. The GreenSafe™ Technology used in the Feel Bright Light stays within the maximum blue-green range and minimizes pure-blue exposure to maximize treatment and minimize possible risk. The Feel Bright Light was created as a way to provide the safest possible light therapy treatment that allows patients to enjoy the amazing healing powers of light.

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